This treatment is not suitable for:
• Pregnant or Breastfeeding
• Bleeding Disorders or Blood thinning medication
• Botox within last 4 weeks
• Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion, Facials 4 weeks prior
• Chemotherapry within last 12 months
• Medication that affects your skin or blood flow (acne treatment) 

(Consultation £20 - will be deducted on your first session)
1st Session Session- New Shape £180
We create shape according to your natural brow structure and draw a shape before adding semi permanent hair strokes.
You will have a chance to have a look at it before we start with a treatment and voice your suggestions regarding the shape.
Microblading is not a block colour.
Microblading is perfect for someone who is looking to fill, define & reshape their brows.
Please make you follow our guidelines for aftercare.  
2nd Sesssion - Top up £60
We will ask you to return to us after 4-6 weeks to top up your strokes from the 1st session.
This is essential to fill in the gaps after your brows healed from the first sessions.
We can change the colour to darker if client wishes to.
Please note this price is not valid if returned after 12 weeks. 
Correction Work - From £60 to £290
If you have been to another tehnician and werent happy, or have got tattooed or permanent brows
and we need to change the shape and colour.
Price depends on the difficulty of the tretment 
Yearly top up - £110
Ideal for someone with oily skin where top up of colour is required every 12 months.
This is not change of shape, this is colour enhancement.