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NLT Beauty - Terms & Conditions

By entering NLT Beauty Ltd premises, you automatically agree to all our policies listed below. 

Dear Clients, please listen to an advise and recommendation given by NLT staff members. Its not always what you want to hear, however it is only in our interest is to keep your treatment area safe and make your treatment long lasting and keep our clients happy. 

30% RULE: 
Main rule in beauty industry says: 
'What ever is client's base, you can only add en extra 30% from that.'
 Which means, divide your natural nail into three thirds. Visually imagine one third of it - that on third of your natural nail, is the length we are allowed to add on as an extension. That is the allowance for a safest application without applying too much extra weight on to your natural length and ensures longer lasting treatment.  
This rule applies in all treatments that would involve extension. 

If you wish not to follow our recommendations, please be aware NLT Beauty Ltd will not be responsible for any damage or allergies caused. 
Aftercare sheet can be picked up from our salon, or sent to you by email. 

If it is your first time having a treatment, please ask a member of staff to talk you through it. 
If you have been coming to us for a while and forgot about do's and don't's, please ask a member of staff for an aftercare sheet. 

If you have any questions or queries you would like to discuss in private, please contact Director on kristinacarter@nltbeauty.co.uk, we can book a consultation or provide as much information as possible over email. Please note, without seeing the issue, we are very restricted on advise. 
All personal information and conversations are confidential, and director is super approachable and will do anything to try to help you. Please reach out, if you need help.  

- In house policy 
We are all very approachable and friendly. Please speak to us about any concerns or issues. We are also humans, and occasionally give 99% rather than all 100%. If you left unhappy, please speak to us. We won't know about an issue or unable to amend it, if we are unaware of it. 
For any problems please email us on kristinacarter@nltbeauty.co.uk with images and we will try our best to resolve the issue. 

We can tailor make anything reasonable. Please ask and will do our best to accommodate your wishes.
Please note, some photos on Pintrest and similar apps can be heavily edited, therefore we are not always able to repeat exact same design or style. We recommend to send us photo before hand, or come in for a consultation to ensure we are able to accommodate your wishes. 

Price of a treatment reflect the knowledge and skill of a beauty therapist. If you have a special occasion, a holiday or important event, we recommend to book an appointment with a senior staff member. 

We will not tolerate rude clients. We can all have a bad day, however please don't release your negative energy on us. We are humans, and take our job proudly. And when we get an unpleasant situation at work, believe it or not, we do go home and overthink and worry about it. Be kind and world will be kinder to you. 

- Refunds and Repairs 
If you are left unhappy with a service, please contact us within 5 working days to resolve it. All repairs are free of charge within 5 days from the treatment time, unless you have not followed staff recommendations and exceeded an allowed limit of a treatment. (Please see Aftercare Section above).
We do not provide refunds. A repair or a gift card will be issued. 
We do not cover costs of your train or car journey to come for a repair. 
We will not provide any advise or refund if you are unable to provide us proof of damage or you have picked off/self-removed/wiped/shaved service we have provide for you. 
We also have the right to decline the service, if treatment was done else where and we do not think it is safe to go ahead with it. 

- Lateness and Cancellations within 24 hours 
We have a very strict lateness and 24 hour cancellation policy. This is not to be 'awkward'.
Occasionally we have to decline clients when we are fully booked, or invite in an extra pair of hands. So, please be respectful towards our time and arrangements, and if you are unable to make your appointment , please provide us with 24 hour notice. 
We have a landline (01279508913), you can call during our opening hours or send a text message at any convenient time for you. - (07749422891).

However, if you have not provided us with a 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule your appointment, a 50% fee from the total appointment amount will be asked to pay on the same day as your original appointment. 
Until cancellation fee is covered from previously cancelled appointment, we are unable to make another booking for you. 
 Same policy applies if you have multiple treatments booked in and you have not notified us in advance to void some of them. 

During our peak times, if you are more than 10 minutes late, we might need to reschedule your appointment, not to push back our following clients. 
A fee may apply. 

- Gift Cards 
NLT Beauty gift cards are valid for 6 months from an issued date. Gift cards come in £10, £20, £50 all available for a collection from the salon or to be posted out. 
Gift cards or for single use only. One gift card is for one transaction only. 

If you wish for a gift card to be posted out please email kristinacarter@nltbeauty.co.uk providing us with:

1. An address where you would like us to post a gift card to. 
2. Amount you will like us to send to your loved one
3. How would you like to pay (Cash in salon, or a bank transfer.) 

Please note, we are unable to post out card, until payment has been received. For the 1-2 day delivery, transaction must be completed by 12pm. £1 postage charge applies. £5 fee will apply for a signed postage, or free to collect from our salon. 

- Parking and Location 
Our allocated parking is for NLT Salon clients only!
We have two parking spaces directly outside our salon. One space is vertical and one along the building. Please make sure you are parked as close to the wall as possible, to avoid getting up during your treatments and re-parking your car. NLT Beauty Ltd is not responsible for any damaged cause to your car. Please do not park in our spaces outside your appointment times. Parking places are first come first serve basis. We cannot guarantee they will always be available. There are alternative places to park. Please ask a member of staff for guidance. 

Parking is only available for NLT Salon clients. Parking is not available for NLT Clinic and NLT Training Academy Clients. Best alternative would be Jackson Square Car Park (10 minute walk from us, reasonable prices), Bishop's Stortford Train Station Car park (3 minute walk, prices quite high, work days fully booked), Waitrose Car Park (17 minutes walk, restricted parking time). 

- How to find us : 
We are based on the ground floor of red brick building opposite Rhodes Art Complex and Bishop's Stortford Bowls Club. 
On the same site we us we have Care By Us, Pizza Guys, Terry Tattoos, Rivermill Chinese and Grahams Dance School. 

From the train and bus station, please across the car park to your left. Walk over white bridge and River Stort. On the opposite side you will see red brick building. We are based on the ground floor of that. 

- Children 
We are child friendly salon. However please make sure some treatments require your full presence, where you are unable to get up. (When doing nail treatments, we require your hands on the nail stations at all times, to prevent any foreign substance being trapped in between your natural nail and artificial coverage. During lash treatment, you must lay still with your eyes closed during the process which takes between 1-3 hours, depending on type of lashes you chose to have done).
We have a comfortable reception area with little booths, where you children can wait for you. Please make sure they are occupied. We also offer little colouring sheets, please ask receptionist. 

NLT Beauty is not responsible for your offsprings. We are a beauty salon that holds sharp, hot and unsuitable for children liquids and equipment. o

- Medical Information 
On your first visit you will be asked to fill in a Health and Safety sheet. 
Please disclose any relevant medical information relevant to the treatment area or any beauty treatments. All information we hold on file for you is strictly confidential. 
We understand that your medical history may change through out the time of being our client. We wouldn't want to pester you by asking to review your records every time you visit us. Therefore, please make sure you keep us updated, especially if it is regarding allergies (gluten, nut, tint, colour, spray tan) or any changes in hormones (Pregnancy, new contraceptive pill) or changes in a treatment area (acne treatment, IPL Lazer, Cancer, Allergic Reaction etc.). 
If you experience any allergic reaction, please contact salon immediately. See Section Below for detailed instructions. 
What is an allergic reaction and how does it feel? - Please click on this link https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/allergies/symptoms/

- Patch Test and Allergies 
We strongly recommend a patch test for EVERY treatment on EVERY visit. Not carrying out a patch test as per following recommendations, NLT Beauty will not be responsible for any damaged caused. 

For the most accurate and safest patch test results please below the below: 

A patch test is required before EVERY treatment, 24-48 before EVERY visit. 
Patch test area should have not been exposed to any other products (cream, tint, lamination, deodorant, perfume etc, wet wipes, chlorine) before the patch test, to achieve the most accurate result. Treatment area should not be exposed to any products on the day off appointment too. 
Between patch test and actual treatment please do not change hormonal medication, treat the area with a medicine, burn it, expose to any other chemicals. 

NLT Beauty Group is not responsible for allergic reactions if patch test have not been carried out as per above recommendations. 
You might be charged for the treatment removal, if you have experienced an allergic reaction without proceeding with a patch test prior to a treatment. 

What is an allergic reaction and how does it feel? - Please click on this link https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/allergies/symptoms/

Steps NLT Beauty suggests to follow if you have experienced an allergic reaction: 

A1. Dont panic. Breath and stay calm.
A2. If you are able to do it your self - remove the product that is in the area of irritation. I.e Spray tan - wash it off with cool water without shampoos/shower gels etc. 
A3. Take antihistamine.
A4. Leave the area of irritation product free for the next 14 days. 
A5. Notify NLT Beauty, so we can update your records. 

B1. If you are unable to remove the product. I.e Nail and lash extensions. 
B2. Take an antihistamine. 
B3. Call Director and Level 3 Accredited Beauty Educator - Kristina 07496128261. 
B4. - Calmly explain your situation. Calmly listen to what Kristina has to say. 
B5. Follow Kristina's recommendations. 

C1. Severe Allergic reaction. 
C2. Do not self-medicine. 
C3. Immediately visit A&E.

Please remember GP and A&E are unable to remove beauty products, as they do not hold specific equipment and liquids. Unless it is a severe allergic reaction, we recommend to come into a salon, and have it removed professionally. 
Remember, pulling off extensions may cause an allergy even further irritation and stress to the area and increase swelling and pain. 
Certain treatments are unable to be removed (brow lamination, tinting, waxing). If you experience an allergic reaction, there is very little we are able to do. In that case we would recommend to visit medical establishment.

Certain Treatments can dry out your treatment area, depending on the skin type. This does not necessary mean an allergic reaction. However, please be careful what products you apply on the area to keep it moisturised after the treatment. 

If you think you are experiencing allergic reaction to gel polish, nail polish or nail extensions we are unable to comment, as during nail treatments we use multiple products. We would strongly recommend to remove any artificial product as soon as you feel redness/itchiness/ swelling. 
We would also recommend to carry out a professional patch testing on ALL products that have been using during an appointment to establish the correct ingredient that is causing you allergy. 

- Deals and Promotions 
One deal per one visit only. 
All social media promotions are valid for 7 days, unless advised differently on a promo sheet. 
Daily Deals are valid in October, November, December (excluding 15-25th), January, February, March and April. 
Daily Deals are NOT valid May, June, July, August, September, as these months are our peak time. 
No exceptions made. Not checking small print, does free you from following them. 

- Sunbed 
Strictly over 18 only. You may be asked to provide your ID for proof. 
No children in the sunbed room during your session. 
You must keep your eyes closed at all times of sunbed bulbs being on. Use provided stickers, or goggles before switching on the equipment.
You must use specific sunbed cream. Outdoor tanning creams do not protect your skin. 
You must remove all perfumes, deodorants, make up etc from your skin before starting a session. 
It is client's responsibility not to exceed 60 sessions per year, allowed by NHS. 
Please note those 60 session's length varies for each individual, depending on their skin tone. Please build your tan slowly and listen staff recommendations regarding minutes per session for each individual. 
Do not tan outdoors and indoors in the same day. That includes indirect outdoor tanning, i.e walking your dog in a hot sun wearing short sleeve top, shorts and exposed face. 

- Card Payments 
Our card machine payments are over £20 only. 
If your treatment came under that amount you will be given an option to get cash from ATM, prepay for your next treatment, or purchase a products from us (perfume, cuticle oil, sunbed cream.) 

- Deposits 
You will be asked to pay 50% deposit towards your appointment if we hold history of you not turning up or being late to your previous appointments. 
During our peak times December, May, June, July, August, September, you might be asked to pay full amount up front your appointment. 
If your appointment is more than 3 hours, you might be asked to pay a deposit towards it. 

- Your Phone 
Please be considerate towards other clients and put your phone on silence. And if possible avoid long chats on the phone during the treatment. Also, we are unable to charge your phone due to your charger not been PAT tested. 
We are happy to provide you with our landline phone to make any urgent calls. 

- Opening Hours
We are opened Monday to Saturday 9-9, and Sundays 10-6. 
During our off peak times, training days, staff days out we might close earlier. Please check our social media pages for any updates. (Facebook and Instagram). 
During peak times, we might stay open even later, than original hours. If you need an appointment outside those hours, please pre-arrange that with Director by emailing kristinacarter@nltbeauty.co.uk. 

- Special Occasions and Group Bookings
Wedding, Party, Holiday - if you have a very special day coming, we can accommodate a group booking to be worked on at the same time and ensure extra time is spent on each of you. 
We can also organise a 'lock in' for our VIP guests to make sure no other clients are in the salon during your treatments. 
For any special requests please email or call director on 07496128261. 

-Treatment Time
We are a high standard salon with a great knowledge of treatments. For the best result treatments cannot be rushed. 
We are aware of the industry and main non standard high street nail salons (NSS) not following all the required steps of the treatment which makes them much quicker, luckily that is not the case with us. 
If you are limited to time please notify us in advance or check before booking appointment how long will each treatment take. 
Just like we have a strict 10 minute lateness policy for our clients (See Section above Lateness and Cancellation Policy) , we also have a strict 10 minute policy to our staff. 
If your technician is running 10 minutes late, you have the right to reschedule your appointment for another day, avoiding a 'no -turn up fee'. 

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